The Timberhill Association

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The Timberhill Association

The Timberhill Association represents the homeowners of the Timberhill area, located south of Austin Road approximately a mile and a half southwest of Manchester, Michigan. The Timberhill section is in Manchester Township situated in a rural area of southeast Michigan, comprising rolling hills and wetlands, with numerous ponds and streams. The area is 24 miles southwest of Ann Arbor, Michigan and is approximately 45 miles from the Detroit International Airport (DTW).

The Timberhill Association is represented by a board of directors that meet on a regular basis. Meetings of the full association are held yearly and full participation by the members is expected. All records of the association are available to the members through this web site. Members of the association may access this information through the "members" option above, or from here. A password is required to access this information.

The Timberhill Area

Manchester is a small community in southeast Michigan consisting of approximately 1600 people. It has a small town atmosphere with friendly and hardworking people, and is mostly a farm community, but has some outlying light industry. It is midway between the cities of Ann Arbor and Jackson, Michigan, and provides access to numerous restaurants and other conveniences. Information concerning the area can be found by accessing the "area" option above or from here.

Wildlife is abundant in the area. Here are a few pictures of some of the cranes that have located in the area and a pond on one of the properties.

Sandhill Cranes Sandhill Cranes
Area Pond

Timberhill Aerial View

Here is a google earth view of the Timberhill area. North is at the top and the east/west road at the upper edge of the map is Austin Road.

Aerial View

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